Thursday, June 15, 2017

My progress in pictures

The start

My hair  is lifeless, short, dry and falling down as rain. 

Just as my mood at that time.

Nothing from  what I knew and did  before worked. 

I was depressed and unhappy.

The Mini- Course start

My hair started to live up, as if was thanking  me for finally taking proper care.

And all I did was to implement simple changes
- good shampoo, conditioner and thermal protection
- wooden comb
- special way of  combing my hair

My hair was still weak and dry but it started to GROW!

The Serious work 

My hair is strong, long, shiny and  fels like silk. No hair loss. I dye it with different hair colors, all works.
Less and less dependent on external things, although I use good shampoo, conditioner and thermal protection.
Combing with combs from natural materials.
Doing daily the Structuration  exercises.


 I am  SMILING  😊😊😊

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to prepare your hair for the summer

Eakterina is in a very sunny mood. Not surprisingly she  prepared a short guide about what to do for you hair in the summer. It is in Russian of course and I will shortly translate what she advises.

Here is what is says:

1. Reevaluate your cosmetics
- trash the old ones
-trash the cheap ones
- trash the SLS containing products

2. Throw away the cheap hair spray and foam
- foam is not good for your hair follicles
- hair spray will dry your hair  and make your hair get worse under the sun

3 Follow daily at least one of the following advises
 as described in  4, 5 6 and 7 

4. Check your nutrition
- make sure you eat enough protein food
- check  your intestinal health and take care of it
- eat oatmeal at least 2-3 times a week 
- drink good quality water

5. Find and save a photo of a  model with  hair you like and hair You want to have. NO need to meditate or visualize on it

6. Chose hair color that makes your soul sing, find same colour in the things you are surrounded by 

7. Smile😊

Have a shiny glossy hair! The one You love and dream of!

Sunny greetings,

And many thanks to Ekaterina, she really made a difference to my hair and not only.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My hair quality becomes visible to the world

It has been more than 6 months since I embarked on the journey to glance hair.
Straight form the beginning, when I was only on the mini-course I started to feel the difference in my hair. Back then I only change the products I used, the plastics combs went away and made space for wooden ones and I stated to comb my hair further down the its physical length. Our hair does not end at its visible physical end, but extends to 17,5 cm. further - the ether ends as Ekaterina calls them. This alone stopped my hair loss and I saw my hair gaining strength and starting growing.

The real change came later when I signed up for a private consultation with Ekaterina and started my still ongoing detox phase. It itself only was a boost to further improving my hair. 2 months with greasy hair told me a lot about the amount of toxins I was extracting and washing out and I was happy I could to this with simple sault procedure and specially chosen hair care products (unfortunately most of them are unknown to the general public who still buy into the marketing promises due to lack of guidance by a specialist). I have written here how to choose your shampoo and why to not trust the sales pitches you see in the ads.

As the time passed and my confidence increased I started to participate in almost all webinars, intensive, practicums and VIP groups on hair (and later on Skin) Ekaterina started to offer to her subscribers in attempt to make her services available and affordable to a broader audience. What worked the most for me was the new course on Structuration of the hair.8 simple treatments /exercises of the hair with my fingers and palms started to work miracles on my hair. It felt like my hair has have been waiting for this course to come and started flourishing. I have witness how my hair started to get stronger, more alive and structured and growing like crazy.
n April 4th 2017 my dear Mom passed away. I was thrown in the worst period of my life, grieving uncontrollably for more than a month and am still trying to cope with the grief now. My hair and my skin did not look their best in the early days after my Mom’s departure from her physical life on Earth. Even more- I was strongly convinced my hair would start falling again- a pattern that had developed since 2015 as my reaction to stress. I kept doing the Structuration exercises- it take10 min a day - in a hope my hair would not fall like a rain, but at a less drastic range. To my big surprise my hair survived this stress and got even better with the time. I attended an interesting webinar on hair as an instrument of influence on life which helped me to divert my attention from the loss and gave me some support in the search of ways to cope with the grief and with the fear of how my life will go on from now on.
A big THANK YOU to Ekaterina who found time  to support me with valuable advise as how to go over the grief and to ow to deal with the loss.

Back home from Bulgaria to Holland not only I went back to work but also started to meet my friends again. And here it began. The first one (who knew my Mom very well )  whom I met immediately told me - ‘Your hair looks better than ever, although I expected you will be a mess after the loss’.  I agreed with her as it was a surprise to me as well -I did looked better than before despite the grief and the difficult time I have now.
The next friend told me the same- in her eyes my hair and skin have greatly improved, she never saw me looking that well.

How you look is the last thing to pay attention to when you are grieving. Yet the world around me started to take notice of the changes in me due to the work with Ekaterina. It is very pleasing to experience and it gives confidence I am on the right track. And it will get even better now I am a part of a VIP group and Ekaterina’s private client. The VIP group is amazing and I am curious to see what more I will get about my hair. But the first big milestone is achieved- the subtle changings  phase is finished, now the world is starting to notice my hair.

This stuff works!

P.S Too pity for the hair forums visitors- they were mostly laughing at what I was telling them, blind to the fact I talked results. The administrators even blocked me for an advertising- as if I can sell something that is not for sale to the general public and is in Russian only. My hair grows and gets better anyway.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Shocking video: From damaged to healthy hair in 2 hours – live show

It is not easy to describe the system of Ekatrina Stankeich, will call her just Ekaterina. Unless you have done it you cannot understand the experience and the results you get by just working with your own hands. 

And here comes Ekaterina- showing live  how to get back to health of a damaged hair. For this she had made an incredible sacrifice- she  intentionally damaged her beautiful healthy shiny hair and in a live reality show restored it back to health with nothing but her hands and wooden comb. 

Even for me , an experienced client who went to almost all workshop and webinars it was an amazing experience. Needles to say – I myself use the ‘’ exercises’’ from the videos to boost my own hair when I think I need it. And every time I do the first part of the process- reanimation- I see the result immediately, especially in my hair ends, which are normally a bit dry ( but in a much better condition then before and do not split at all)

Below is the link to the  video from the 1st  stage of the process- reanimation. I have clipped the part for the left side, the work for the right side is different so do not copy paste it unless you want to purchase the whole show and learn it from there. This is just to show  what unrecognized power we have and what a great pleasure is it to know how to use it.


Monday, January 9, 2017

2016- Recap on actions results and lessons

Well here we are  in 2017!
To  everybody who might step  by to read - Happy New Year!
And Healthy Glossy Hair to you!

It has been a very dynamic year for me-  too  many things to describe . Long story short- I was faced with loss and  with recovery of the same loss.

Hair was almost lost and is now in better shape ever and this is only the beginning. I took some time to  make a small recap of my progress and was amazed to discover that I am only 3 months into a serious work with my hair  and yet it feels like ages! This made me aware that in short 3 months  as a private client and student of Ekaterina's webinar I have achieved so much it feels like a long period of time. Once again I ma faced with the power of what I ma doing and being grateful the hair  lossled  me to Ekaterina and this amazing journey.

Below is a  short overview of what  I have  done and learned, although I cannot put all I did and felt and understood, it is way too much.

Main  insight- Your body is more powerful than you are aware of it! 

Here is the table to have things structured  and easy to follow the progress:

Main takeaway
August 2016- October 2016
Short Course on  obtaining glancing hair

Attending various free seminars of Ekaterina Stankevich
Hair loss drastically reduced,  hair  got back to curly again ( after having being straight from stress), looked better and started to grow in length.

Hair was feeling dry and not smooth when touched yet  there was more “life” in it.
Very interesting feeling- I started to feel I have hair on my head, it was kind of having a nice hat or pet on my head but made of hair. Increased awareness of having hair and gratitude for this

Had troubles with itchy scalp- reduced it by reducing the amount pf coffee and increasing the stress relieve activities. Strongly improved after starting the main course as a private client.

 Understanding the main functionality of the hair- to be our brain’s main information channel.

Appreciation for having this wonderful organ and giving it the care it deserves.

Enjoying the power of my own body responding with  health and grow to a proper way of communicating with it.

Good understanding of the mistakes awe all make when trying to improve the condition of our hair.

October 2016-January 2017
Started as private client of Ekaterina Stankevich.

First phase start – detox of the hair follicles, done by sault and special products.  

Changed the combs as advised. Kept combing as did before and will be doing in the future (unless Ekaterina will give other directions).

First 2 months my hair was getting very greasy very quickly- washed it every other day. Just kept doing what I had to do. 3rd month hair started to be more dry and now washing it every 3 days.

Strong hair growth.

Greyness diminished-  most surprising result and very enjoyable!

Hair dye stays longer – no need for monthly spending on the dye.  

Hair feels like silk- soft and smooth.

The importance of the detox- so many people put all Kinds  of oils on their head without detoxing the follicles- how on Earth can you expect good results?

Having mercy for your hair- we do so many wrong un-appropriate things to our hair and expect it to grow on  demand.   Proper care based on understanding of its physiology and functionality is delivering far more results than all the medicines, oils needles etc. people try in desperate attempt to out some hair on their head.

 Understanding your immune system and your lymphatic system and the role the latter plays on our overall health.
Triple warmer overworking and overstimulating  as one of the  main causes of our health problems today.    (My post on chronic inflammation and how to help your body.)

(In my anti-aging course  by Galina Grossmann the only  video lesson on the hair is a lymph drainage massage- now I understand why)

November- December 2016
3 days intensive workshop on Healthy hair  and purchase of the Structuring our hair course and webinar
Started the “exercises” and saw a quick change in how my hair looked. It started to be more ordered and more styled without styling products.
he texture started to gradually be more soft silk like when touching.

The hair did not get more fat or greasy when touched with my hands and fingers.

Further hair growth.

General relaxation and pleasant feeling of the work. 

My total look got better.

Increased energy- I get up early in the morning and feel great and well slept.

Improved quality of sleep- I feel refreshed when wake up.

Working with the  structure of your hair is working for your health. No single  “exercise” is designed only for the hair, but for the overall health improvement.
Our body responses more to a subtle treatments rather than strong ones- the reason homeopathy works when medicines do not . Same with the “exercises”- they are gentle and pleasant to do and very very effective.

Fitness for the micro-muscles that support hair follicles-  sounds crazy yet it works! This one brings relaxation and   ignites  the self-regenerative power of the body  (more on this to be also obtained from the Key method developed by Hasai Aliev- Russian speaking psychiatrist  specialized in stress reduction and prevention)

Most remarkable take way- the power in you!
No words can describe the feeling of seeing your health and  hair improve by just using your hands ! Yes you need to know how to use them but once familiar with the “exercises” you start experience miracles.  

No wonder people do not believe my story- they are way too conditioned to trust and rely on authorities outside themselves and have no idea of the power inside your body !

Treating the cause not the symptoms-  the only reason why medicines- surgery-masques- do not work. They all focus on the symptoms and treat the hair at a physiological level only. No wonder so very little results and so many money and efforts spent to be only disappointing.

This method is not for everybody. Not because it does not work for everybody ( we all have brains and hair). It is for people who dare to think outside the box and understand the Nature or at least have the courage to observe it even when it acts in contradiction to the common believes.

Best hair to everybody in 2017!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Detox phase update

Well I am 3 months in a detox regiment and the end is still not visible. Mrs. Srankevich asked me to re-order the products I have been using last months so it will be about an year on detoxing. Not that I mind this. I love the products and the  way my hair feels and looks.
For first time in years my hair feels really clean. It is very difficult to describe this feeling in words, as everybody thinks their hair  is clean after washing. But there is a difference in this feeling for me now. My hair is kind of grateful to me I finally started to do the proper things for it. It looks and feels healthy and soft. Hair loss has stopped completely ( 5-6 strands a day). Nothing to complain about.
My grey hair taught me a lesson. After the first shock of seeing it lessening in intensity I saw the reverse – the grey hair took intensive colouring again. It happened after I spend a few days being too emotional about  certain things. What a lesson my hair taught me!
I have dyed my hair last week  and expect to do it  again in 2 months and the hair dye stays longer on my hair. Only then I can  measure the progress with the grey hair developments. The dye did not irritated my scalp and my hairdresser saw  how shiny my hair has become. ( she ordered my detox shampoo for herself- fall in love with it when washing my hair).

But the real difference in how my hair  feels and looks came with the introduction of the “structuration of the hair ” exercises I learned  at the first 3 day intensive workshop with Mrs. Stankevich. After the webinar I purchased the course in structuration and started to apply all the knowledge gained from these sources. I do not understand much of the theory behind it and I am not interested in it.  As I usually do-I test the  methods and see the results. The work with these so called exercises – there is not a better word to describe what I am doing-  have made my hair be less fluffy, being more in form and being more structured. When my hairdresser started to  trim my air I could feel the scissors and their work. Most surprisingly I could feel how my “etheric ends” felt when my hairdresser was at work. Very increased sensitivity with regard to hair. I also feel very pleasantly when doing my exercises. As Mr. Stankevich once said- all that is good for the body is also pleasant.
After the webinar there was feedback from other participant. Most of them reported hair loss stop after applying one of the exercises  only- kind of Reiki touching  your head at a particular  spot with particular parts of your fingers. I myself have registered  total hair loss stop. Before that the hair loss was at a minimum level and now I observed it disappeared.

So far this is the progress I am making. The more I apply what I know the better it goes.

Happy hair!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Yogi and Hair

India is a country where Hair is  certainly not seen as only a decoration  on our head. Next tho the Sikhs the Yogis has something to say about Hair  we better pay attention to.

( Bold is mine, the story about men and beard was really a discovery for me:))

Yogic Hair


Human hair regulates the flow of Solar energy into the system. To let Solar energy flow unhindered into our system, it is necessary to grow hair to its full length and take good care of it. Then, the amount of energy that flows down from the Sahasra chakra (thousand petaled seventh chakra in the brain) increases tremendously. Kundalini is activated by the radiant force in the Anahata chakra (solar-plexus) and moves upward in response to the Solar energy comin down. This balances the body center and maintains total equillibrium. If hair is kept unkempt, let loose, down or uncovered, it becomes electrically imbalanced and the natural process of raisin Kundalini gets impeded. Actually, the word hair is so important that the word Kundalini dereives its name from 'Kundala' meanin a coil of hair, also referrin to the three and half coiled serpent power. Hair is best kept uncut and at the top of the head in the form of a Rishi knot over the 'Brahmarandhra' or the solar center. This concentrates solar energy into the pineal gland and encourages the awakenin and risin of Kundalini shakthi that is necessary for liberation.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved ’feeler’ or ’antennae’ that transmits vast amounts of important information to the brainstem, the limbic system, and the neo-cortex. Not only does hair in people, includin facial hair in men, provide an information highway reachin the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then re-photographed after hair is cut. When hair is cut, receivin and sendin transmissions to and from the environment and cosmos are greatly hampered. This results in numbin-out. The intuitive ability of the person gets greatly diminished. The natural ability of the human system to receive divine vibrations and insights from the cosmos suffer further to cuttin hair on the head, beard or any other part of the body. Cuttin of hair is a contributin factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems. It is also a contributin factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.

Accordin to Ayurveda the ancient Hindu medical science, allowin the beard to grow prevents a person from contractin diseases of the throat and of the gums and the respiratory system. While the structure of hair is such that it can trap bacteria, it does not provide any congenial or favourable conditions for their growth and multiplication. On the other hand, shaven skin is one of the best substrata for their survival and multiplication. Shavin, which has to be repeated at least once everyday, invariably results in cuts, some of which are microscopic - and that is all the malignant bacteria and dreaded viruses need to swarm to the interior of our bodies. Just like skin, hair helps to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. It also helps to supply the Pituitary gland (located in the head) with phosphorous. Phosphorous is an element which is absorbed durin meditation by the Pituitary gland. The hair on our body regulates body temperature and our eye lashes, nostril hairs and ear hairs help to keep out fine dust particles. The research carried out with this end in view has highlighted the fact that hair serves as a factory providin Vitamin D for the body. Vitamin D protects a person against many fatal diseases like tuberculosis and is an essential element for the well bein and health of bones, teeth and the nervous system.

Hair enhances the ability of a human bein to experience God. This can be explained by understandin the workins of electromagnets. An electromagnet consists of an iron rod with a coil of wire wrapped around it. The strength of an electromagnet can be increased by increasin the number of coils. Now in a human bein, there are nine visible inlets/outlets (2 nostrils, 2 ear holes, 1 mouth, 2 eyes, 2 below the waistline). And the 10th inlet is located in the head and is invisible. It is called the 'Brahmarandhra' (endin of the Susuhumna naadi) in the crown. This is where we experience the reality of God in Nirbija Samadhi. This can be considered to be the iron rod. Hairs are like coils of wire which amplify spiritual energy in the 10th inlet. A greater quantity of head hair will lead to more coils in the knot and therefore a higher concentration of spiritual energy. Of course, it is possible to experience God without any head hair like Buddhists. However anythin that helps us to experience God more easily should be welcomed. Hair is essentially a spiritual technology that makes it easier to connect with God and maintain Brahmacharya by helpin effective transmutation. 

Significant research has also revealed that longer the hair, more the production of Vitamin D through the interaction of Sun's heat on hair. All this shows that keepin hair is very important for one's physical as well as mental well-bein. It has also been proved on the basis of experiments that the hair tied in the form of a knot on the top of the head is capable of attractin the maximum heat energy of Sun just as a television antenna has the capacity to hold photo waves from the atmosphere. (Accordin to Tessitas, the ancient Germans also used to tie their long hair into a knot on the top of their heads). This solar energy which is absorbed by the antennae like coils of hair then stimulates the Pineal gland within the brain and helps in the complete and natural awakenin of Kundalini Shakthi by percolatin into the lower chakras from the Sahasrara chakra. If we take into account the cumulative loss suffered generations after generations further to cuttin of bodily hair, it seems certain that trimmin of hair is certainly an impediment in the way of realizin the complete scope of the human intellect and connectin to God.

In the religious literature of the world there is much evidence which suggests that God has created humans with great interest. The Jewish and Christian churches also contain evidence to this effect that God created man in his own image and put his own particle as soul within him. On the basis of all this, it can be easily presumed that God did not add anythin, includin hair, to human body without a definite purpose. Thus, trimmin or cuttin hair amounts to not only declinin the gift given by God but also disfigurin the shape given to man by the Parabrahman (Almighty). This blunder of cuttin and disownin hair has not been made by man since the times of Adam, but the same is in practice only since the last century or so.

Demerits of cuttin bodily hair

If hairs are not trimmed or cut, their length &growth stops automatically after reachin a certain length. In such a situation, hardly 0.5% of the protein that we take in with our daily diet is spent on their upkeep. On the other hand, cut or trimmed hair consumes much more protein because this has to be spent on the regrowth. Hair is mostly made of protein and the growth of hair draws much protein from the human system. Had hair stopped re-growin after havin been trimmed once, there would have been no extra expense of protein. However, keepin in view the multidimensional usefulness and requirement of hair on the human body, God has created within the human body an interestin mechanism to help continuous growth of hair. This mechanism continues bein operational till one breaths one's last. Thus, this mechanism goes on spendin more protein on the re-growth of hair after a person shaves or trims them. Nature does this so as to not deny a person the varied benefits of hair. It seems modern man is busy in shavin off hair under a sort of false/atheistic culture whereas God is ever involved in their growth. God is serious that we should have hair, for he makes it regrow every day in spite of us shavin, while man is careless and oblivious to its necessity.

After comprehensive research, scientists have reached the conclusion that hairs stop growin after havin achieved the level of optimum growth. They remain alive for two to six years. They play an active role durin this period and then gettin weak, fall off as we comb them. This is called the death of hair. There is no use keepin dead hair. However, keepin in view the utmost importance of hair for the human bein, nature is ever ready to replenish these dead hair by sproutin new ones in their place. The importance of hair can also be gauged from the fact that the operation of replacin dead hair with new ones starts immediately and forcefully so that body does not suffer because of their lack. This shows that new and healthy hair on the head and beard of a man is of paramount importance to life. That is why God has created such a wonderful mechanism as a result of which a person continues to be bestowed with healthy hair for long years of his/her life. The fact that hair grows rapidly even after regular trimmin and cuttin implies that God does not approve of the human action of shavin or trimmin hair. The very act goes against nature and goin against nature has severe repercussions.

"Hair is the pranic antenna. It is energy, pure protein. Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been deprivin ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality and spiritual growth”-- Yogi Bhajan*

"Each part of the body includin hair has a highly sensitive work to perform for the survival and well bein of the body as a whole. The body has a reason for every part of itself." -- C. Young
"God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another."
-- Shakespeare

For this reason, ancient Yogis and Rishis never cut hair but let it grow to its natural length. This helped them achieve multi-fold benefits. In all ancient cultures of the world, cuttin of hair is frowned upon. The trend of cuttin bodily hair took momentum only nearin the end of the 19th century. From the Yogic point of view it is well known from the scriptures that the natural growth of a beard and mustache helps cover the 'Chandra Dwara' (lunar center) of a man located in his chin. This center in the tip of his lower jaw is the spot through which people and especially wimmin connect with the man. In the presence of a beard, this spot is fully covered and this regulates the Pranic energy one gives out while interactin with others or when others see him. Only the required amount of energy is given out in the presence of the beard.

In the absence of a beard, a man with a "clean shaven" jawline is unprotected and ungoverned in terms of his Prana (vital energy). His lunar center is fully exposed. This results in the loss of much Ojas, Tejas and Prana when he interacts with people, especially with wimmin. Interaction here doesn't merely refer to talk but also sight. A man without a beard, with a clean shaven jawline becomes vulnerable and susceptible to the feminine energy given out by a woman. This then draws his masculine energy from the lunar center and he becomes defenseless in protectin himself from bein dominated and subjugated by her feminine charms which are an effect of Maya (illusion). He has a high chance of bein mesmerized and stupefied by her female energy. It has been observed that Yogis with a full grown beard and hair have a much lesser chance of losin their calmness, poise and steadiness on the appearance of a woman in the emotional sense. Thus it becomes a worthy tool towards the practice of Brahmacharya by actin as a shield that prevents the loss of Ojas, Tejas and Prana. A woman with sexual intentions cannot easily draw Ojas from the man with a beard.
To begin with, those who shave can stop the activity and grow a small stubble which can then gradually be let to grow as one comes to terms with the concept.
ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme bein is the absolute truth)